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The application of TSR gas turbine flowmeter in small businesses.

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In recent years, increasing small businesses in the field of catering, restaurant and homestays have become the main resources of gas users. In 2020, the industrial and commercial diaphragm gas meters with one of the small businesses have expired, accompanied by negative errors in measuring due to aged membrane and lack of temperature and pressure compensation. Thus the gas company has changed over 300 industrial and commercial diaphragm meters into TSR gas turbine flowmeters in one year. 


TSR gas turbine flowmeter is a new generation economical prepaid turbine flowmeter launched by Tancy of Goldcard. The flowmeter has the function of gas turbine flowmeter, digital temperature sensor, pressure sensor and low-voltage quick shut-off valve and IoT module with the characteristics of high accuracy, security and reliability, which can meet the domestic and commercial demands for small and medium calibre flowmeters.  


There are four advantages of the TSR gas turbine flowmeter:

  • The same metering core as that of TYL gas turbine flowmeter, which was certificated by EU. The metering performance is at the leading level around the world, and can meet the domestic and international standards.

  • Compact design, with structure similar to a diaphragm gas meter. It is convenient for deployment and replacement to cut down costs;

  • Real-time wireless distant data transmission can be realized through 5G technology, is mainly based on the back-off settlement, accompanied with table-side settlement according to orders;

  • Less pressure loss, can meet national requirements in saving energy and reducing emission. 


After using the TSR gas turbine flowmeter, the gas company can collect flow, temperature, pressure and other data every day based on 5G technology, as well as remotely monitor the status of meters, and obtain abnormal gas usage and tamper through big data, effectively preventing the on-site meter counter and membrane attack, and dispatch field personnel to deal with them in time. By doing so, full life cycle management of the meters can be well achieved and effectively reduced the supply and marketing differences.

The deployment of TSR gas turbine flowmeter helped the gas company save millions Yuan, improved meter reading and payment rate to 100%, management efficiency rose by 30%, security capability increased by 30%, reduced labour cost by 25%, which has become the powerful helper of the gas company in operation maintenance and management.

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