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Fight together against the epidemic in Hebei province: Goldcard took multiple measures including deploying over 2.5 million IoT terminals, online payment, operation and management...

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These days the epidemic in Hebei province has attracted everyone’s attention. The government launched the emergency mechanism, and the entire province entered a wartime state: many medical workers and volunteers actively participated in anti-epidemic works, working day and night.

On January 6, Hebei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued an emergency notice, requesting all local authorities to further strengthen epidemic preventing and controlling of the municipal utility industry. It pointed out that all regions must strengthen the management and control of critical places such as water supply, gas and heating stations, sewage treatment plants, enhance grid management. In addition, local governments should supervise gas and heating companies to generally conduct inspections to ensure the provision of stable gas and heating services.                                                    

Goldcard positively participates in smart anti-epidemic actions, safe, stable gas and water supplying through IoT, cloud calculation, big data, mobile applications, etc.


Over 2.5 million IoT terminals were deployed to fight against the epidemic. 

Since the coal to gas project in Hebei province from 2016, Goldcard has generally deployed IoT smart gas meters and flowmeters in Hebei. At the same time, with the deepening of the water policy, NB-IoT smart mechanical water meters, ultrasonic and electromagnetic water meters and flowmeters based on IoT technology of Goldcard were applied in Hebei province. By now more than 2.5 m IoT terminals work and operate there.


During the epidemic, thanks to intelligent perception of the IoT domestic terminals, data can be transferred directly to the IoT platform, field personnel don’t need to read the meter on site, non-touched work can be realized. The epidemic plus the coming cold winter caused the rapid increasing requirements of natural gas in Hebei province. Gas companies monitor the gas storage capacity of LNG receiving stations through the IoT gas flowmeters. When the gas storage is below a certain level, LNG tank trucks are arranged for deployment in time. Strengthening the operation and management of water plants and water pipes, realizing the monitoring of pressure, flow, water quality and other parameters through the IoT water flowmeters, and monitoring the leakage of the pipe, network through intelligent dispatching and optimization will improve the centralized water supply capacity.



Multiple payment methods ensure on-going guarantee

In the period of epidemic, to ensure water and gas usage and residents staying at home without problems, Goldcard helped gas and water companies by opening online services for meters and IoT terminals. Users can pay online and require the bill through Wechat, Alipay and apps.

For IC card meter users, more than one hundred VTM automatic terminals were put into use in business halls, community property offices of Hebei province that reduced touch between customers and staffs. Meanwhile Goldcard deployed thousands of “Bluetooth charge box” and users can complete IC recharge without leaving home.


Smart operation and management increased the grid management capacity

The Goldcard total solution based on pipeline network GIS is realized through data overlay, can accomplish visual inspection, real-time monitoring of pipeline pressure, unified management of hidden dangers, field station operation control, gas station operation monitoring, and reserve peak monitoring of the reserve station, also emergency response.

Based on large-screen visualization, managers of gas companies and water companies can view the locations of field personnel and vehicles to monitor gate stations, pressure regulating stations, flow meters, and remote meters. Once occur abnormalities or reported potential danger by inspectors, the field staff closest to the abnormally can be arranged to deal with. The field staff uses mobile devices to upload the processing situation to the background, realizing closed-loop business management.


Goldcard people are 7*24h on call and standby around clock, will actively respond to the needs of people, gas companies, and water companies.

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